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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Unless you are transported to the hospital by ambulance immediately following an accident due to obvious or severe injuries, you may wonder if a doctor’s visit is necessary. While you may be tempted to wait for or skip a medical evaluation, doing so can hurt you further in the end.

In stressful situations, your body is often flooded with adrenaline, and you may be in shock. These responses can make you feel strong and unharmed temporarily, but this means you may not be fully capable of realizing your actual physical condition. Without a doctor’s evaluation, injuries could be missed and go untreated.

If you’re avoiding medical care because you don’t want to spend money on medical bills or because you are “tough” and assume everyone will believe you are hurt anyway, you may be making a big mistake.

If you don’t see a doctor, or you wait several days or weeks before seeking medical care, your chances of collecting for your injures may be greatly decreased.

SOUTHWEST INJURY CENTER will navigate the entire process for you AT NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE TO YOU.

WE'RE HERE TO HELP - CALL US NOW! 972.217.2664

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